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Why Cascade Foot & Ankle Of Yakima & Ellensburg, Washington?

Yakima & Ellensburg Podiatrists, Foot Doctors & Foot Surgeons For Foot, Heel Or Ankle Pain

Team Of Experienced Podiatrists In Yakima & Ellensburg, WA

experienced podiatrists in yakima ellensburg washingtonAt Cascade Foot & Ankle, you have a team of experienced podiatrists in Yakima and Ellensburg, Washington (WA) working hard to ensure you get relief from your foot or ankle pain, as well as long-term preventative podiatry care. Each podiatrist at Cascade Foot & Ankle has years and years of experience from varying backgrounds allowing each foot doctor to have a unique perspective to a variety of foot and ankle conditions. You can be confident in your choice for foot care when you choose the combined expertise of the podiatrists at Cascade Foot & Ankle!


Same Day Emergency Appointments Available In Our Yakima & Ellensburg Podiatry Offices

same day appointment with yakima ellensburg wa podiatristWhen you are experiencing foot or ankle pain due to an accident or a condition that has escalated overnight, you likely want relief as soon as possible. At Cascade Foot & Ankle, the podiatry team leaves room in their schedule for emergency appointments in our Yakima podiatry office and our Ellensburg podiatry office. They understand that life is unpredictable and want to ensure that you can get relief as soon as possible! If you want to start healing today, call 509.225.3668 to speak with a friendly podiatry team member to schedule an appointment today!


Same Day Relief For Your Foot, Heel Or Ankle Pain

same day relief for foot heel ankle painIf you are experiencing serious discomfort or pain in your feet then waiting for relief is not an option. No matter the condition you are dealing with, the podiatrists of Cascade Foot & Ankle are experienced in making sure you find some kind of relief during your first visit. Your overall treatment might need a long term solution to what is causing your discomfort but in many cases you will be able to ease your pain during your first trip to our podiatry office.



Virtually No Wait Times In Our Podiatry Offices

no wait times in our yakima ellensburg podiatry officeFinding yourself stuck in a waiting room while at the doctors office should be a thing of the past. The foot doctors and podiatry team at Cascade Foot & Ankle respect your time and understand how important your schedule is. They do all they can to ensure that when you arrive at the office you are greeted by a friendly podiatry team member and are in your appointment quickly.



Advanced Technology For Podiatry Care

advanced technology for podiatry careCascade Foot & Ankle invests extensively in technology so that they can bring the most modern techniques for podiatry care to our patients. Nerve testing, Laser Pain Therapy, vascular study machine, shockwave therapy, digital x-rays, and ultrasounds are some of the ways that you can get an in-depth and accurate diagnosis, as well as the most effective treatment for what is ailing you. Cascade Foot & Ankle has many tools to help your feet feel great again. Come down and see what our foot doctors can do for you!



Laser Pain Therapy

Cascade Laser MLS Pain Therapy YakimaCascade Foot & Ankle utilizes an MLS Robotic Laser to accurately apply laser therapy to the specific regions that are causing your pain. Before the MLS Robotic Laser, laser therapy was applied with a hand-held device, which made therapy sessions difficult for the laser therapist, and ultimately for the patient.

The MLS Robotic Laser has proven to have a very high rate of success, with 85%-90% of patients seeing results within the first few visits. When considering alternatives to surgery or medication, it is important that your options have not only been listed with the FDA, but have overcome the rigorous FDA testing to be cleared as a truly viable alternative.

Another great facet of laser pain therapy is that it is a non-invasive alternative to surgery! When your doctor gives you the option for surgery to fix or heal the underlying cause of your pain, it is no surprise if that makes you nervous. Ultimately, you want to avoid the added pain of surgery as well as the downtime that may prevent you from working, spending time with your family, or even socializing for a lengthy period of time. When choosing Cascade Foot & Ankle, you are choosing the solution that is completely non-invasive, so you won’t have to worry about going under, added pain during recovery, or losing any valuable time.

Additionally, the MLS Robotic Laser is virtually pain-free and has no known side effects!


Accepts Most Insurances

yakima ellensburg podiatry office that accepts insuranceMany people have concerns about how to pay for their podiatry care. Thankfully insurance can assist people in covering the cost of podiatry care and treatment. Cascade Foot & Ankle are happy to say that they accept most insurances so, in most cases, you should be able to take advantage of all the benefits your foot doctor offers. This could be one of many questions you might have and the friendly podiatry team at Cascade Foot & Ankle would love to help you with any insurance questions.



On-Site Surgery Center

Cascade Foot & Ankle are happy to have their own surgery center on-site so they can accommodate all the treatment needs of their patients without the need to seek out other specialists. The foot doctors and our friendly podiatry team are always doing everything they can to keep podiatry care and treatment all inclusive for the ease if our patients.

Long-Term Foot Care Solutions

podiatry care and treatmentCascade Foot & Ankle is dedicated to making sure your podiatry care and treatment is complete and comprehensive. If you need additional support after your initial treatment is complete then they have many options to make sure you stay feeling great. You can visit the Cascade Foot & Ankle shoe store and get properly sized for a pair of Vionic footwear. Custom orthotics are a great way to compliment your podiatry care to keep your feet and ankles in great shape. One of the greatest services Cascade Foot & Ankle offers, that you don’t see at most podiatry offices, is our spa. Call 509.225.3668 and find out how these long-term podiatry care solutions can help you today!


Treat Your Feet

yakima ellensburg spaThe spa at Cascade Foot & Ankle is an excellent way to find relief for your foot or ankle pain. Whether you need to include massage in your treatment or are simply interested in treating yourself to an exceptional spa experience then this is an opportunity not to be missed. One aspect of the best aspects of the spa at Cascade is the over all health standards are up to the level of the doctors office, well beyond the standards of a typical spa. Foot facials, reflexology, laser hair removal, and massage therapy are some of the fantastic services you can take advantage of when you come by the Yakima Washington office. See they can do for you at Cascade Foot & Ankle!

Your Favorite & Top Rated Podiatrist
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  • “Throughout my health care experience with Cascade Foot and Ankle, the entire staff were professional as well as courteous. I received the highest level of care at all times.”

    - Eugene B.

    best podiatrist in yakima wa
  • “Always receive great service from the staff…they ALL treat me like they know me … a welcomed difference from other medical offices l have visited. All the doctors are great, too!”

    - S. Haldi

    best yakima wa podiatrist
  • “Throughout my health care experience with Cascade Foot and Ankle, the entire staff were professional as well as courteous. I received the highest level of care at all times.”

    - Eugene B.

    best podiatrist in yakima wa
  • “Always receive great service from the staff…they ALL treat me like they know me…a welcomed difference from other medical offices l have visited. All the doctors are great, too!”

    - S. Haldi

    best yakima wa podiatrist
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The Yakima and Ellensburg, WA podiatrists of Cascade Foot & Ankle treat all medical and surgical foot and ankle conditions. Our Yakima and Ellensburg, WA podiatrists have helped over 25,000 patients find relief for their foot, heel or ankle pain, and we can help you too! Our podiatrists can treat your heel pain, bunions, ingrown toenails, toenail fungus, foot and ankle sports injuries, swollen feet or swollen ankles, diabetic foot care, custom orthotics and flat feet.
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